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This is the work of a single guy. He just released it last night. And it's fucking fantastic. Think of a mix between American Football and Joie de Vivre or empire! empire! (i was a lonely estate).

Basically, it's really, really good and free: http://emosideproject.bandcamp.com/

I see this getting big relatively soon.

You know he posts here, right?
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Is fingering an emo chick that likes yoy and that has fallen in love with you is it wrong to you to finger her during lunch outside in front of everyone at the high school? would you not care or lol even wish it was you?

MIDI Magicalness!
Bring back Emo Elmo.
there is no fear in this heart.

How am I being or trying to be fabulous/glamorous?

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You know he posts here, right?
Used to mod here.
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i kinda wish we all had a penis and vagina instead of buttholes

i mean no offense to buttholes and poop or anything

Rest in Peace, Troy Davis and Trayvon Martin and Jordan Davis and Eric Garner and Mike Brown
I had no idea he posts here. Well, dude's legit then. Probably the best music I've seen come out of a UGer. Well, the most catered to my taste, at least.

Oh, it's mopeds, duh. Your stuff is awesome, keep making it.
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