A few weeks ago, I had a custom 8 string built for me by Steve Wishnevsky. ( check him out, He's awesome)
I haven't received the guitar yet, because i'm saving up the money to buy it, but thats beside the point. We're kind of going back and forth wondering if the neck is wide enough. It measures 50mm at the nut. For an RG8, the neck is 54mm at the nut, but on a Schecter omen 8 its 48mm.

Seeing as how people here have alot more knowledge about these types of things than me, do you think 50mm would be okay? I know in the end it all boils down to if it feels good to me, but still. A general idea wouldnt hurt!

Thanks in advance

EDIT: Here's the guitar in question, for anyone interested.

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I'm just wondering if 50mm is generally a good width for an 8 string neck.
Go try out as many 8's/wide neck guitars as you can to find a neck width you like.
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How much is this build costing you?

I really hope you actually know exactly what you were after before you spec'd this ou- Oh wait.

I would seriously recommend you get your ass out and play every 8 you can and find something you like because otherwise your probably going to get something you hate.

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How much is this 8 string that he's building that you currently don't have enough for or know what you want?
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Hey know, hey know. I didnt even think of neck width when I spec'd it out. I did scale length, all that jazz. But I figured he's done crazy ERGs before, so it would be all good.

I'm paying $500,( which is alot for an 18 year old kid with no job or income) If you guys want, I could post the pics he gave me. Things friggin sexy

EDIT: Im not sure if this is clear or not, but the guitar has already been built. He's offering to make me another if this one isn't right. But i'm just looking for the opinion of the masses. And hey, it's a learning experience!
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Quote by Tom 1.0
this an acoustic?

Nope, electric mayne.

Why in the world would I want an 8 string acoustic? Actually, come to think of it....... >
because thats all he has on his website?

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OHHH, well his websites are horribly out of date. Check out Wishbass.com. Also, if you search him on facebook, you can see a huge amount of his builds. He's been doing if for decades. I'm not sure if you have to be his friend or not to access them.

EDIT: Pics added to OP.
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That guy has designed some amazing looking bodies. But that jackplate he uses looks like he nailed a galvanized tin can to some expensive lumber.

As for the neck width, if you like playing it, what other people think doesn't matter. Successful six-string guitar necks vary wildly, so I don't see any reason that eight string neck widths can't do the same.
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My Agile 8-string is about 57mm at the nut, and I think that for me and my bigass hands it's a great width. What you need to do is what other people have told you, go and try out different 8-string guitars and see what you like.
My RG2228 is 54mm-80mm and works fine. Will 50mm work? I think it's the wrong spec to be looking at. Rather, what is your string spacing like? Mine is around 6mm at the nut and works fine. It could have been wider, but Ibanez left space on the edges of the fretboard so the string doesn't slip off easily.
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Totally personal preference. I'd prefer a thicker neck, such as the Ibanez RG eights, or the Agile Septor neck width (As CoreysMonster said above, 57mm. Wasn't sure of the exact measurement)

I play a five-string bass, so thick necks aren't an issue for me.
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Just a heads up, Wishnevsky's work is a joke, and he's kind of a dick from what I hear.
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the fretboard wood looks really cool. what wood is it made from?

i won't lie though, the body looks like a duck billed platypus to me.
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Quote by gregs1020
the fretboard wood looks really cool. what wood is it made from?

That'd be Purpleheart, my dear Watson.

roast: I've had a seven string guitar, and my first bass was a 6 string, no wide necks don't bother me haha

GrStMyGn: I introduced my best friend to Wish's work, and he bought a wishbass. I don't hate it, but I would love it alot more if it wasn't fretless. Even though I LOVE fretless bass.
Lmao. I miss the other wish post.
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