i have a 3/4 size guitar that my dad gave me when i was ten. i play on it alot, and latley ive been noticing that starting about at the eighth fret, the pitch starts getting gradually higher out of tune. i play on fullsize guitars with my band, but i still love this guitar,and i still want it to sound good, can some one please tell whats going on?

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it is probably the intonation. read the set-up sticky at the top of this forum. it explains how to intonate a guitar (as well as do other set-up related work) far better and more completely than I can in a short post.

basically though, the length is very minutely off, and it needs to be adjusted to get the exact correct frequencies up the fret-board
3/4 guitars are very hard to intonate if you
change from factory gauge strings.

so click the link in my sig.
the green one.

check the short section on intonation.

and if you have issue
know that factory gauge string size
will help.

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