Good day, all. Thanks in advance for any advice.

Basically, I'm in the market for a new guitar... sort of. I need a new amp first, but I still have my eye on guitars. I play metal almost exclusively, and need a high-gain tone. I plan on getting a Randall T2, just for the warm tone and bite.

I already own a Schecter Solo-6 Radiation, which is a great guitar. It sounds wonderful, but I want a guitar with a Floyd. Originally, I looked at the Alexi signature ESP, though I didn't like the shape. I do, however, like the simplicity of one pickup and one knob. So I arrived at the Jackson RR24. It looks brutal and the sound tests match.

I was fairly certain I'd reached a final decision, until earlier this month. Jackson recently announced the X Series. I found a Rhoads shaped guitar with a Floyd, albeit with 2 pickups and multiple knobs.

Also, the X series is substantially cheaper. When looking at the specs, I couldn't actually find too many differences between the two.

Could anyone help me out here? Would the RR24 be worth the extra couple hundred dollars? I'm still not sure I understand the differences.
The ESP Alexi signatures have no bass in them what-so-ever I believe. Perfect for playing CoB, but I'm fairly sure that's about it.

Sadly I can't say much other than that.
RR24 vs RRMGX or w/e? RR24. MIJ, bro.
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