white water murky against my toes
the hair curls back, back exposed
face pressed against the cool floor
shirtless, recanting and editing each word
as it drips out of my mouth
like ambrosia swirling in my sour cheek
my teeth cold and aching
tongue and lips chapped

beaten back back against the seat of my car
sputtering and ripping down
too fast for the residential but playing
all of my cards while the wheels bounce
along the thin spine of a stray
frail and flailing in the rear-view
took another life

the kush kept the night
in the blood soaked breast pocket
of New Haven's latest driveby victim
my eyes dry, barely audible tears escape my clenched teeth
help, help, me
spiral in, in too deep, into deep
comforter and soft bed
holding back the vomit and regret

oh well then.
this one is for you.