Hey guys,
I'm thinking about getting a new guitar to play prog-metal (Protest the Hero and Between the Buried and me kinda stuff) and I'm undecided about Ibanez S5470 or RG3550 model

What do you think is the best for metal/prog-metal ??
Yeah go for the S.

One of the PTH dudes uses an S, and the BtBaM guys used to use them too (I think they moved on to PRS). S series are great guitars.
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Quote by VVolverin3
Yeah go for the S.

One of the PTH dudes uses an S, and the BtBaM guys used to use them too (I think they moved on to PRS). S series are great guitars.

Stole the words right out of my mouth.
Either would work for that style, but I personally like the feel of the S better and prefer mahogany in my guitars that are tuned above A standard.
Can you try them, or similar models? I'd be inclined to go for the RG myself, but they're both very good guitars. Just get whichever one feel better, and you prefer the tonewood of.
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I have the s470 dxqm. I think Luke (protest the hero guitarist) used to use one way back when. Now hes onto the prestiges and 570's. They're great guitars.

And the zr trem is to brilliant.
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Both are excellent guitars and you will love whichever one you buy. And then be GAS'n for the one you didn't I think the 2010 and 2011 models of the S use the same neck as a RG prestiges. Due to the body wood, the RG will probably have a more neutral sound than the S. Do you have a preference between maple and rosewood fretboards? And for the stock pickups? IMO the RG3550 has better pups out of the box, so if you like the tone zone & air norton combo, it's a better buy. Haven't seen a S5470 locally, so I have no idea if the hot grinder pups are any good.

I'm not a fan of pick guards, so I'd take the S. A 5470F in red viking paint = drool. Remind me to bury my credit card
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I have already searched in local stores but all I find here are Fenders, Epiphones, some Jacksons, Gibsons... but not a single Ibanez to me to try out...

I don't know much from guitar components (pickups, Fingerboard, etc...) for guitars of this level, since I always owned mediocre/"bad" guitars, this is going to be the first big investment! So I wanted some that knows to tell me the pros and cons of each different component if possible.

The models Im thining to buy are these ones:



You can see the gear there.

Also if you think there are better guitar for te same price for the genre (progressive metal stuff) let me know.
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Can't go wrong with an S prestige, seriously. Should be a fantastic guitar. Major con would probably be the pickups, as Ibanez pickups are usually not great but I don't know about the Hot Grinder/Short Tracer ones they have there. They should be usable for a while anyway, and you could always swap them out in the future if they're not quite up to scratch.

The RG is cheaper. That's a pro! xD It also has DiMarzio pickups already, which is also a pro, although personally last time I played a high end RG I found I didn't care for the tone zone much at all. But that was on a mahogany body with a rosewood fretboard, so fairly different to the RG you posted. Oh and the air norton is a great neck pickup, and the true velvet was nice too I guess. I am also quite adverse to maple fertboards, but that's just a personal preference so don't take it to heart hah.

My 2c...
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^ i thought the s was cheaper? EDIT: ah maybe it's the 4570 (or whatever it's called) i'm thinking of
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