I have 3 choices at the moment for a project guitar:
-Korean Ibanez s470
-Japanese Ibanez RG470
-Korean Schecter C-1 Plus

All of them are stock, and all of them are priced equally low. I'm going to put in some Dimarzio's or BKPs, replace the trems (no trem on the Schecter), and upgrade the pots and wiring. Before you say just buy a better guitar, I like working on instruments and a little DIY stuff appeals to me. All of these seem to be reasonably decent instruments, I just want to know what you guys would choose and why. Thanks in advance!
Mij Ibanez. Why?
Im blown away with the quality diff between my korean prs and mij ibby.
Everything is perfect, Couldn't find a manufacturing flaw if I tried.
Not so much with my korean/indo guitars and a few other korean? (ltd deluxes) and several chinese guitars I've played. Great instruments known for quality.
MIJ > MIK. Always.
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That's what I thought. I'm inclined towards the Ibby, I was just making sure.