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I'm very much into my high gain guitar tones and i have an obsession with trying my best to find a tone that can still sound a bit unique compared to others. I've been looking into overdrive pedals and i've noticed that the MaxonOD808 And Ibanez Tubescreamers (or TS9) are very popular among guitarists who want to a little boost to their metal distortions. They do sound great, but i want to find other unique pedals that might make my sound a bit more interesting. I've looking into pedals such as the Blackstar HT-Drive And HT-Boost and they've definitely caught my interest. I've also heard many great things about the Sonic Maximizer (which i don't think is an overdrive, but i hear cleans up your tone).

If anyone has tried any of these pedals or any other overdrive pedals that they think would add a nice twist to my distortion, please let me know )

Thanks again everyone!
really is gonna depend on your amp.
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The Sonic Maximizer isn't an OD, it's more like a simplified equalizer, but it's still not as good as one.

It depends on what amp you have, as well. Different ODs will react with different amps differently.
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It does depend on your amp, but i have a hardwire cm7 tube overdrive, its pretty sweet, hi and lo controls as well as switchable modes that allows you to achieve a normal tubescreamer voicing or a hotter more trebley tone. Gives all the pros of a tubescreamer, with more versatility
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Hughes and Kettner Tube Factor. It's expensive as hell, though. But it can serve as a pristine clean boost, more of a Tubescreamer boost, or as a standalone unit to get gratuitous amounts of distortion.

But a cheaper option would be either a clean boost like a BBE Boosta Grande or a Tubescreamer, like you said.
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The Blackstars have a lot of adjustability for EQ and have ISF so you could probably get a lot of sounds from them. Not sure what the tone is like though... the Dist-X is a bit muddy.