Hey guys, I've been playing for two years now, using the same BCRich I've had since I started playing. Granted it's not a horrible guitar, I'm just definitely ready to get a new one. I've played around on several models, and I really love the Ibanez RG 3250MZ. I know it's quite expensive, but it's an awesome guitar and I wouldn't mind saving up for it in the end.

Does anyone have a helpful opinion/other suggestion/just some words of wisdom about the guitar itself? Is it worth the price, should I check out something instead.. etc etc. Thanks \m/

(For what it's worth, I play stuff like August Burns Red/All That Remains/Black Dahlia Murder)

Its brilliant.

Not much more to say to be fair.

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Prestiges are the bomb. If you go used you can get a really, really, REALLY good guitar for a pretty reasonable price. Only thing you might want to do is change out the pickups if it's an entry level Prestige. The pickups on the guitar you linked though will sound great.
Quote by Tom 1.0
Its brilliant.

Not much more to say to be fair.


Though any used Prestige will do. Sometimes you can find a used 1550, or 1570 with Dimarzios in it for $600-ish on eBay(in the states). But those are the most basic Ibbys you'll find, so you might want to spend a little extra and get whatever suits your fancy.

Go used or new B stock to save a lot of cash.