I know everything nowadays is manufacture in china . if its not amp than its gonna be something else . now im not a pro made in usa or buy american ( im not american ) . But the guy form Mesa boogie or any boutique amplifier do his greatest passion when doing your amp . its ahnd soldered and the guys do what they love . these kids dont . they never and probabvly never will touch a guitar of their life .

but i couldnt help but to have a sensible touch hitting me when i saw these kids all line up in a row soldering VHT SPECIAL amp . these kids probably work 16 hour a day with a minimal pause for a salary of 1 $ a day these amp sell for 250 $ at the greatest pleasure of the richest part of the world who can afford low cost gears . the site described it : "we were able to bring a cost effective amp that sound great " .

I dont know .. maybe we dont wanna see that .. we know that all the gizmo and gadget we use nowadays is made in china .. or that our waste his dump into their country . but i dont know .. sometimes wanna me wanna rethink our way of thinking . changing stuff to get the newer one when the old cause its "new" . in a world where "newer is better" ,people changing their phone every year , buying lcd tv and stuff build cheaply build .. made "not to last" so we can sell you another one in 3 year .

everyone dig those low cost small tube amp ( often manufacture in china )

sorry about the poor english .. id like to hear your thought on that .

but i feel like buying the mesa boogie 1985 mark III made in usa .. vs the lost cost made in china . maybe because of personal ethic . like i said .. .. if its not amp .. its ognna be something else . but still

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IMO .. kinda sad to see that .
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not going to lie I have the amp they are making and I do love it. but yes it is sad that they work like that and it is partly because they don't have labor laws, but also part of it is that they accept the jobs that pay that much and allow themselves to be put in such harsh conditions.
Quality workmanship is slowly fading from the world. The cheap-ass companies take materials in one end and sh*t it out the other for a profit. It's sad.

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Those conditions dont look that bad, its hardly a sweat shop.

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They don't look it and you would never suspect it in a million years, but every single one of them in that picture can play better than Guthrie Govan.

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my artcore was made in china, I just can't find a single flaw. Not even a blemish in the finish and it came set up right out of the box. if it was made in north America it would cost 3 to 4 times as much, problem is we make things here that most people can't afford
I work in a music store that has a deal with the people that distribute for VHT, for about a dollar a day on average.

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