I've been recording for years now and I've got a few things up online for download but nobody's buying them and I'm getting no traffic. I play alternative, shoegazy, sometimes progressive stuff. I'm from a small town in Louisiana with no live music scene for people like me, just rap, country and metal. I'll put links to my YouTube and Bandcamp pages if you'd like to check me out. There's one free track on every record on Bandcamp.


UPDATE: Everything on my site can be downloaded for free. I'd appreciate some money, but, you know, whatever.
This is by far the best band I've heard on here. Listened to the whole Saturnalia album, and it's very well done. I can sort of hear shoegaze elements especially in the vocals at times. 10/10 this definitely should have more replies.
Cool stuff! I really enjoyed it, and there's some great playing there. Good production too, which is important for Shoegaze. Really impressive!

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Cheers. We appreciate it