Anybody know where to get a set of really classic thick and warm sounding P90s which aren't just humbuckers in a P90 casing or that use ceramic magnets with just a stupidly hot wind to compensate? Every P90 I can find is either alnico 5 or 3 and thin-sounding or ceramic and overwound horribly, or it's really a humbucker.

Ideally what I'd like is A2 or 4, medium wind resulting in a DC resistance of 8-9k and no weird stacked coil design or whatever. And if possible have one of the pickups RWRP.

Anybody know of such a set? I've looked at DiMarzio, Seymour Duncan, Bare Knuckle, Gibson, The Creamery and Fralin, going by specs and sound clips none of them are what I'm after.
Check out Zhangbucker: http://www.zhangbucker.com/p-90s.html

He has your specs no doubt, but I would advise against choosing your own specs. E-mail him what you want tonally, and he'll dish out an amazing P-90 for you
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Thanks guys, those Lollers seem to sound how I want though I'll check that other guy, see if he can come up with a spot-on wind. Thanks again.