I have been playing in a cover band that plays Blues Rock Country.
We have finally been able to start booking several gigs and things are taking off.
However I just got the opportunity to play with a well established cover band:
The manager wants to start doing original material in the vein of Nashville pop country(Jason Aldean, Miranda Lambert, Kenny Chesney Etc.) which is something I am not entirely fond of.

Pros: Consistent 2+ gigs every week for the rest of the year
Future opportunities to make $$$ playing music.
Chance to experience playing with a professional band with high-end stage Equipment
Cons: I will no longer get to play SRV and Van Halen or some of the chop-oriented songs
Won't have any control over the songs we play.
Will have to be creative towards a type a music I am not entirely fond of.

What Would You Do?
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If you can live with yourself for doing it and it pays well, do it. If you know you're going to regret it in the future, I wouldn't.
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Both. Or let the other band go but see if you can regularly stand in.

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Do it.
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