As u can see in my youtube video i am easily the best in my country but mayb not the world yet


But i aint famous yet but i should be why aint i famous yet?
I am the one in the chequered shirt at the front cos im the best of the band and i dunt care wat you say cos i am the best and better than you
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I'm just a hedonist without happiness
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What was the point of this?

Half assed trolling. That's all he does.
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Not sure if trolling, or just an egotistical dick with a bad ear...probably troll...but unclear troll is unclear.

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I don't know, the other guy in your band seems pretty good. Doesn't that bother you a little?

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So who's soloing? That sounds like...

Just with a lot of suck.

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It's because you play the Bass.