Looks kind of odd to me. Get a picture of the front/back headstock.
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definitely looks strange. the wearing of the finish doesn't look like typical LTD work. as for pictures of the rest of the guitar (and possibly a copy of the original sales receipt- ultimate verification there...)

that being said, if other pics look good, its a pretty decent deal
It looks far more worn down than they usually are. But it does look legit, as far as that picture shows. It looks like the owner wasn't happy with ESP's fake wear and decided to wear it down some more themselves.
Yeah, that's had some amateur dremel work done. Still, if you can live with that or cover it up, it ought to be a nice guitar.
yeah he said he took some more finish off, it a st-203
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It looks really fake. Neck dots aren't yellowed, "custom modified" finish (as he will probably call it) is awful, looks like it's missing the chips around the jack, and those aren't the original pickups (or just covers maybe), knobs, or jack tip.

(the distressing may vary from model to model and I may be wrong though).