Hey, so I'm looking for a new microphone that'll pick up my singing and acoustic guitar both fairly well. It'll be helpful if it's one that plugs directly into my computer so I can record directly into audacity. Anyone have some good experience with some good mics?
Straight away I'm thinking the Sontronics Saturn, but what sort of budget are we talking?
well you have a lot of options right now but im assuming you're on a budget since you don't want an interface and are using audacity.
1. i would recommend trying out the at2020 usb condenser mic.
I have the xlr version and it is actually pretty nice for acoustic guitar and clean vocals(not to mention loads of other things.)

2. stop using audacity and get reaper. I could go on about why so many people on this website prefer it over audacity so just do yourself a favor and download it. it's pretty much free but not really.

3. post clips?

hope that's helpful.