who thought this would end the way it did?
i’m dancing on my toes
and you’re looking at me
like we just met
baby, i’m the fastest-collapsing hurricane
you’ve ever stepped into
a little wind
a lot rain

can you accept what is yours?
you shine brighter than my eyes can stand
let the east coast giggle at me
behind its hand
i’m over air travel.
i’m over shitty beer
i’ve already broken my bones
on the bulletproof glass.
these chainbound clouds can finally have
what really belongs to them
i’m done

now i sit in apartments
with lower furniture
and liquor from mexico,
not boston
i’ve dug myself a hole
in this aquarium of a room.
i can watch you lean close
to him in slow
motion, knowing
that knowing is the most bitter punishment

the sun is dancing like a virgin
through your constant window
something invisible
i never really left behind
still on my shoulders
shouting the next words
of the script in my ear

and the cold cuts me deep
on the worst of days
but i never bleed, no
not here.
i never fucking bleed.
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