Think of a 5 syllable word and say it out loud every beat, worked for me.
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Yeah quintuplets have a slightly unusual feel. What I like to do is a set a metronome going slowly and count out the quintuplets out loud (or just in your head) making sure they're even. DUH-duh-duh-duh-duh-DUH-duh-duh-duh-duh etc. Move your pick along on just hitting an open string, and then add in your left hand movement. Then you can gradually speed it up. Notice that if you're alternate picking them, you'll be hitting the downbeat half with downstrokes and half with upstrokes, which is makes it a little more awkward then sixteenth notes.

EDIT: Indeed a five syllable word or similar is probably better than saying duh-duh-duh
You could try "Gamala Taki"


It's not strictly what your asking for but it may help.
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Cheers, I'm sure that will help. Call me crazy, but I swear I can hear Guthrie's fives, especially the fifth time (coincidence) he plays that first 5 line, it sounds more like 2 8th and 3 triplet 8th to me. Sure Guthrie could kill me on odd note groupings anyday, but it still doesn't sound like he's perfect with his 5s.

Actually if you slow his opening 5s line down it actually sounds more like he's alternating 2 8th 3 8th triplet and actual quintuplets

Incidently the example he uses "Peaches En Regalia" that "5" I could never quite figure out if it was a quintuplet or a 2 8th 3 triplet 8th. When Guthrie played it first, it definatley sounded the later.

Also, what's with people saying "Quintooplet"?
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Have you tried taking a 5 note idea and accenting the pick stroke at certain points within the group? Obviously on each new beat is the most obvious, and each time it comes round you'll be accenting on either a down or upstroke.

Accenting the new beat will help you to lock in. The best way to get this stuff sounding absolute mustard is to play it in context. Maybe in a jam session where there are other humans! Timing issues can result!

...and tap your foot...always.
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