as the title says , all musicians wanted possibly to start a band , im 21 and play guitar im into all kinds of music from progressive rock to classical and blues , let me know alex
Depends what kind of think you wanna do. I'm 20 and play guitar, rhythm or lead, dont mind mixing it up. I'm mainly interested in shoegaze/noise rock/post punk sort of thing. Bands like Sonic Youth and Yuck
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i live in camden - what are your influences? i have a band atm and we're all into grunge with metal influences too. we have lots of own material and would welcome another guitarist . . . .
cal where abouts do you live ?

funkymonk im more intrested in starting something new , but if i change my mind ill let you know
hey .. I'm interested too .. I want to join ... =)
do you play Oasis' songs and other alternative bands?