So, one day I was playing guitar and decided to try and work on a new composition.
Then I put some drums on GP and start playing over it. This is the result, all improvised riffs and solos

I was listening to some Pantera when doing this track, so I think that count as an influence... Tell me what you think.
Chico's Strange Riffs 14 - In Memory....gp5
Waaay too tired to give you a full crit, but I thought it was pretty nice, you had some cool ideas there and I really liked 20-22.

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Great song, it's very fun and catchy besides the drums. They fit the song, but the were a little too boring to me. The riffs are nice, it's a real hit in the face with the first heavy riff. I personally would have a rhythm underlying the solo at the end, but it still is pretty sweet if you can play that, especially in clean.

Just a warning before I crit, I'm not a fan of metal so my opinion may not be what you're looking for.

I enjoyed the intro drum beat, but I think it should of changed more once the other instruments come in. I liked the intro with the instruments though, reminded me of like a dungeon in a video game lol. The bars 50-55 were p neat too.
For that little solo part starting at bar 71 I'd recommend adding some background chords and stuff because it just sounds like wanking as it is. I also didn't particularly like bars 32-37, just sounded too generic. Another thing is I think you should add some different rhythms to the drums, for almost the whole song its just playing 8th notes. I mean there are a few times where the rhythm changes but just for a short part, not a full section.

Like I said this isn't really my style, but it was better than I was expecting it to be :P: Just need to work on a few things. Decent as it is though.
I like the mood of this but im not really fond of the chord progression there. It doesnt sound like the other chord in bars 7-9 are really fitting in there, it could use a much darker sound there.

The riff at bar 20 sounds good at first and I like the transition, butwhat you are doing in bar 22 is just wrong. The bar is totally unnecessary. The rhythm you use there is usually played when you need a bit of a punch. It's just that the chord you use over that rhythm is not able at all to deliver that punch, which raises either the question why you use that rhythm with that chord, or why you used that chord with that rhythm.
I also dont see much point in breaing that 4/4 structure, it renders that bar even mroe superfluous.

This is a rather basic riff btu it works there, only problem I see is that awkward bend at the end of one section but I just generally dislike this kind of harmonics.

I can't really understand why you would put a riff like this in there. Extremely generic and unimaginative. In terms of its place in the songs structure it also does its job fairly bad. Yet again it's kind of unnecessary.

The 2 solos of the song have some ncie bits in there but they don't seem to have much of a structure and sound rather random. That sweeping thing at the end also sounds boring and is not really creative but I just generally dislike sweeps (for exactly that reason, anyway).

All in all, well, I dont know what to make of this song. It sounds to me like you have good ideas but don't really know how to incorporate them into a song.

Or, after reading some crits here, maybe our concepts of writing music are just different haha. That crit probably sounds harsh, but it's generally hard to crit this kind of music as you can't measure it by a standard song structure and the musician usually strays from that streamlined design. it's just hard to get it, or rather, either you get it or you don't.

I like the vibe you have going but it's not how I would imagine such a song at all.

If you have some time then please look at that song here and tell me what you think. https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1484790
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