Hey guys. This is a side project I started this summer. It's mildly Star Wars related, but can certainly be enjoyed regardless. It's mostly acoustic with some electronic drums and synth things added. The quality is far from perfect, but it's very happy and folky, so there's that. I did everything myself unless otherwise noted. There are 4 originals and 5 covers, but the covers don't really matter.

Listen and download if you'd like; it's free. Hope you enjoy it!

I like it, but the vocals are really bland. Some reverb or something could really help them out a lot. But I don't want to boss you around or anything. It's still really good.
Thanks! I put some delay and compression and stuff on them, but I'm still pretty new at this so I could probably do better
Gave the first tune a listen. Cool stuff, I like it! As said, the recordings are well performed but just not as well recorded.

Would you mind repaying the favour, and giving us a listen and a like here: