I posted previous songs dealing with politics and beaurocracy... then on relationships... then on aging... this one on death (9-minutes long if you dare).

Using a Casper Guitar Technologies guitar.

Jam Pedal Wahcko+ wah (cool wah, as it has a six-position selector switch to control how much wah sweep you have... I set it in the middle for this song).

Analog Alien FuzzBubble-45 distortion/drive.

Boomerang E-155 Chorus-Delay

Through a clean channel Egnatoer Rebel-30 amp head into a mixer.



PART I – Death Waltz

PART II – The Realization

Sweet malaise in a fevered haze,
I tip my hat to you.
Soldier on in a staggered daze,
No light to pull me through.
All the tricks in the book couldn’t take the dark away.
Nothing left when the moment comes, life’s a slow decay.
Come with me to the River Styx,
And your fate will be your own.
Never mind the shrouded man,
He carries flesh and bone.

An obolus to pay the way,
To Hades all will burn.
Good or bad, we’re all the same,
When gone there’s no return.
Great song. Pretty trippy and epic. I liked the change up into the early Floyd sound. Vocals sounded cool.
Thanks for the comments... I love Floyd... psychedlic with a taste of blues and jazz mixed in. They members melded great together (at least the music and not the relationships, lol).