Ok, so here's a song I wrote as an experiment in blending styles and genres. The name means nothing, I opened up The Magician's Nephew and pointed at the page with my eyes closed to name it. There's a lot of cKy influence to be found here, as well as In Flames, and some techno stuff and Scottish folk music music. Tell me what you think. And per the usual I'll c4c. If anyone wants a different file format, I can upload those if you ask.

EDIT: There's a solo after two times through the riff after the tempo change (Q=140). Its intended to be improvised each time it's played, which is why I didn't write anything in there.
Far Enough Away.gp4
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God I hate critting things with no section names :P

Starts off pretty cool. Gets even better when the whole band enters.
Bar 33 sounds pretty weird with that bent F#. Something feels a bit ****ed up there and it kinda ruins how melodic it felt until that point.
The next riff thing (37-68) is great.

Oh, that synthy-techno-whatever thing after that was really awesome. Best part of the song. It's so happy and additcting I could listen to it for hours. I think maybe if at some point you'll have the guitars just crashing power chords in the back it could make it even better :P

Anyway, it was good enough to actually be saved on my computer so I can listen to it later. Be proud

EDIT: One more thing - The name really doesn't fit, change it
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