So im using a recording program called Reaper. I have a shure sm57 connected to my line 6 pod ux1, and a usb between the pod and my pc. I have set my midi output as the pod. When i record, theres no sond on the track if im using the pod w/microphone. Can anyone please help me? Im desperate.

I can record from my guitar straight into the pod, but it dosent work when i have my shure sm57 dynamic mic conected. There is no sound then.
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Line 6 PODS are, just a tiny bit, different to recording interfaces..
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MIDI has nothing to do with it... set your recording input as the POD

This if your POD connects via USB. I do this with my Digitech pedal on Reaper.
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set input to mic 1 in the mixer panel of pod farm

turn the mic input knob on the actual ux1 up

set input device to Line 6 UX1 in Reaper
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I cannot find out where i can decide what recording inputs i want to use on reaper... Where is it?

input device