Hey folks, have a little listen to my House of the Rising sun cover (cliché cover i know)..

I've only been playing guitar for about 6 months, and I'm not the best singer, nor the best at guitar solo's, and I just threw the one on this track together in a couple of jams..
And, I recorded the vocal parts and the guitar parts separately, so some of the timing on the vocals are a bit off.

Anyway, enough excuses! have a listen yourself and tell me what you think

Here's the link to my cover: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tdu4k41o35Y
aaaaaaand! when i uploaded it to youtube, they cut the high ends of my solo haha nvm

and incase you're wondering about the slightly strange accent - I'm scottish

EDIT: updated URL
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You have a great voice, definatly keep singing!
But I wont lie, your solo was pretty bad and the rhythm was a quite off.

All i can say is, work on your rhythm skills and learn some theory, it will make it easier to make a good solo if you know what key your in.

If you wouldn't mind listening, i have a cover of Knockin On Heavens Door, It would be nice to hear someones opinion on it:
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Thanks man. Yeah i know, i absolutely suck at solo's, I just think i should've left the solo out, and maybe just continued the song.. I don't really think my voice is that great though, but thanks anyway

Oh and i can't seem to play your song? Went on your page but it doesn't seem to play? i'll try again later though mate.
Actually, you know what, i'm gonna re-do the solo with a different guitar effect, and actually think about the notes this time instead of being lazy and going with a sloppy jam.. Will re-upload when done
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Nice, what effect using.

C4C - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RbFluIC0f6M (comment on yt)

For the solo? it was a sort of chorus effect and some reverb.. Thought your cover was good man, i just thought the sound could've been improved though, maybe try a new mic? or change the setup a bit?