So I'm buying all new hard wear for my les paul, the gold is ugly, it's all corroding, and it has horrid tuning stability. So I have everything figured out except tuners. The owner who I got this from put grovers in it. Would spertzel locking tuners fit? I don't want to make the holes bigger or larger. If not, What locking tuners that come in black that you would suggest? Preferably from warmoth or guitar center. Im having a bigg NGD coming up and I want to only order from them since they have all the other gear I'm getting.

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Measure the shaft diameter of the current hole and shop based on that. It's the only way you're going to know for certain whether you'd have to make the holes larger.
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Guitarfetish.com has black sperzel style tuners that are awesome and only run @$36 a set. You shouldnt have a problem with the tuners fitting, grover and sperzel use a 10mm hole
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