Yeah. I need some help with pinch harmonics... Sometimes, I'll nail the pinch, and other times, the note will just sound muted. Is there any special technique for this? Other than more practice? (Not that I'm not willing to do that)

I'm trying to learn the solo for this song.
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Also, have a lot of gain, it helps a lot at the beginning. You may need to switch the pickup position to bridge.
I find it easiest to do them near my middle pickup, try different places to see where is easiest. Also, I think it's easier to do them on the 5th and seventh frets, so try practicing until you can do them consistently on those frets, then try moving to other ones. I also think it's a good idea to try them on an acoustic, once you get good at doing them on an acoustic it becomes effortless to do them on a distorted electric.
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gets easier the more you do them man, but yeah, it can always be kind of hit and miss because the harmonics move depending on which fret you're fretting. if you're trying to nail a particular one, memorize the spot you're picking and you'll get it every time - also, it helps to be on your bridge pickup, tone and volume rolled up and gain cranked up
Thanks for the tips guys. Didn't know the spot changed for every fret...

Practiss teim.
~When life gives you lemons, make apple juice~
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Thanks for the tips guys. Didn't know the spot changed for every fret...

Practiss teim.

To add on, I've read somewhere on here quite some time ago that you can visualize the ideal spot you can use to sound the harmonic to move as you move up and down the frets. For example, you have a particular spot for fret 6. If you move up to fret 10, move a proportional distance from that spot in the same direction.
Harmonics are fractions of the fret you're on. You have to strike at certain fractions of the string so it will ring into a harmonic.
Just try to figure the balance between playing the note and touching the string with your finger to pinch it.

It is not necessarily hard, only that it takes time to get used to the motion.

Practice slow in the beginning