Faux wood finish is tits!

It's(obviously) a You Rock midi guitar. I had to get one after I saw the last You Rock NGD thread and watched some videos. I got it a few days ago and wanted to really try it out before I wrote a review, so it's a late ngd.

This thing surprised me. I'm sure it will surprise and excite anyone that takes it for what it is, a midi controller. It's not going to sound like a real guitar or feel the same, but it's great for a guitarist that wants keyboard effects without learning to play one.

The built in effects are meh ok at best, some better than others, but all mediocre. They sound like the patches from a $100 Yamaha starter keyboard. So nothing special but good for messing around. Of course, being a midi instrument, the built in patches don't matter much because I can download better stuff when using it with my computer. I haven't done that yet, though I did get it working after hours of agony( I use Linux, but I hear Windows and Mac are plug and play with commercial software). The latency is almost nonexistent going through USB, though I imagine there would be more when running VSTs and recording.

On to the action. Wow. It's like having the strings lying on top of the frets, but better because they are soft rubber and pretty sensitive. Strumming feels pretty natural. It's not the same as guitar strings, but something easily adapted to. You can adjust the tension of the strings to your liking as well. But, I hardly use them since the real jewel of this things is tap mode.

Tap mode allows you to play with both hands on the fretboard without needing to strum/pick strings. It's identical to normal tapping, except incredibly easy with no notes ringing out when you mess up and really low action. This thing is so easy, I am doing 8 finger tapping after 2 days. I can now do sweeping arpeggios(not actually sweeping though) with me right hand. I can do a 3 string arpeggios simultaneously, the top 3 string with my left hand and the bottom 3 strings with my right, perfectly, in unison. I could never do anything like that on the guitar, and I tried. I also play this thing like a keyboard, my left hand playing chords while the right plays scales and arpeggios. It pretty awesome playing the rhythm and lead guitar at the same time. And sweeping has never been easier since I don't actually need my right hand to sweep the strings.

Now, the bad. I recorded something the device using internal memory and drums, something maybe 30 seconds long, and it caused major problems. The sound bank was corrupted and preset 1 was f-ed. I had to email tech support, which they replied to within 5 mintues, and run a back-up utility that fully restored everything. I will not try to record on the device again. I read on the YRG forums that someone else had the same problem. I know they are working on another firmware update, so maybe that will get addressed.

Overall, it's a great midi instrument and a lot of fun. I haven't put it down much in 2 days. The low action is amazing, in fact, too good because I am disappointed now when I pick up my Ibanez. But I am going to take what I learn on this thing and apply it to real guitar, because I am learning a lot.

Heres a few videos of Dan Mumm reviewing and playing one.

Review: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jKcKQb_aywM
Song: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RT8_iyDgFnI

Sweet new guitar hero controller!

Seriously I dunno what its supposed to do, but you seem impressed so HAPPY NEW YOU ROCK GUITAR DAY.
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Sweet new guitar hero controller!

Seriously I dunno what its supposed to do, but you seem impressed so HAPPY NEW YOU ROCK GUITAR DAY.

I kinda get they feeling the creators used Guitar Hero/Rockband as a catch to get this thing made. It's hard to imagine anyone needing so many features to play a game, but then again maybe it's a sign that games are becoming more like reality? Maybe someday I will finally have my own holodeck....

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Awesome, swap for my new Supreme?

Hell yeah!
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I am starting to develop serious GAS for one of these things.

Well, you can make an offer on eBay to someone. I got mine for $175 shipped without the stupid gig bag, but I didn't really make offers to everyone. Who knows, I might have got it for $150 or something
I've seen it on Thomann for 135€, which is 180 USD. Might as well ask for it for my birthday next february.
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