As I have masterized the speed (but still can't break that brazillian's record ) I started to play songs from tabs, but it's too slow. And I want to improove my hearing (without earmaster, that always pissed me off when I took a mistake) too. Some suggestions?

I started to learn Christal Mountain from Death, and it's a bit hard. Should I start with some easier songs like songs from the band Engine (I mean: the progressive nu metal project by Ray Alder)? I want to became a Youtube guitarist.
find simple songs that you like, figure out the riffs and melodies by ear and keep figuring out progressively harder songs by ear
I would start small if I were you. Start with a song that just strums some chords. Over time, you will be able to pick out whether they are playing a C or an A minor, and even where they are playing the chord on the guitar, and eventually you will be able to hear the difference between a barre chord and an open chord, like G major.

Don't give up either, it's not going to come all that quickly. Just be patient and keep trying.

Hope this helps.
keep writing. keep dreaming.

keep the notes coming...

ibanez ftw