I'm learning how to mix, and up until this point I've been using MIDI programs for the drums and bass parts (EZ Drummer, BASiS, etc) So I want to mix with drums that someone has miced up themselves to give me a real world situation of mixing. I need a drummer who can play Look What The Cat Dragged In by Poison, send me each individual mic recording (so the kick, snare top, snare bottom, etc would all be different tracks) so I can mix it down, then I'll put the guitar tracks over it, my buddy is going to put bass over it and the singer in my band is going to do the vocal track while me and the bass player do backing vocals

You'll get to hear the final version of course, and I won't post the it on any sites or anything without everyones permission. I can't pay you, but I'd really owe you one. I'm doing this because me and my band are planning on doing an album in the near future and we want to produce it ourselves. I have all the recording gear so I'm gonna have to be the main guy doing everything, so I need to learn how to mix properly. I've gotten pretty good with the samples and everything but I need experience with actual miced instruments

So if their are any drummers out there who'd like to do this, message me and I'll send you a click track!