hey guys

i'm looking to get a new guitar soon, this one will be my first 'high end' guitar. Recently I have changed up my style of playing to more of an experimental/alternative/ rock type. And I am looking for a guitar that can do a wide variety of things.

Amp: Fender Hot Rod Deluxe III w/ various delay, chorus, fuzz pedals

To play stuff like: Sonic Youth, Pixies, Japandroids, No Age, Velvet Underground, mainstream rock bands like The Strokes and Foo Fighters, as well as experimenting some Post-Rock (Mogwai, Explosions in the Sky, etc)

Budget: Under $1500 Canadian$

I was thinking about a Fender Jaguar.. Or are they too much of a hassle?

Get the one you like the most within your budget? Every guitar is different to everybody, personally I hate anything Fender besides a tele and one real nice vintage seafoam greenish strat they had on there facebook yesterday or the day before. From what I know the Jaguar is a nice guitar, not sure how I feel about all the DPDT switches but if thats what you like dont let other people tell you otherwise!
try out a richmond dorchester. amazing sounding guitar at a decent price (leaves enough room for a good distortion pedal to goose up the front end of your amp)

the jaguar would be pretty good as well. they're good guitars, if you like playing them (I dont)