Is impossible to do. How the hell do you do it? Its B string 19th fret pinch harmonic, I can't get any pinch..
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Practice your technique.
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Are you fretting anything? Pinching an open B string at the 19th fret is the same as playing a natural harmonic over the 7th fret. If that's what you actually are after, you just need to practice again and again. And again and again... and perhaps look at some Youtube videos that show people doing it.
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If your meaning that you fret the 18 fret with your left hand while doing a pinch harmonic, just make sure your right thumb barely grazes the string without muting it.
If you somehow misread or anything and the pinch harmonic is done with your RIGHT hand at the 18th fret while left hand at another place at fretboard, you simply do a PM at that fret.
THe same sound can be achieved at least two places on each string.
Natural harmonic at 5th fret = harmonic at 24th fret.
Just practice.
Nono im not retarded, I know whats pinch and I know how to do it. I can do like first to twelve fret without problems, frets past that are making me problems.
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Just practice. It does become a bit more difficult the higher up you get, but it's definitely possible.

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