Hey everyone!

I wrote/recorded this piece of of music coming on about a year ago now and i've finally gotten round to having a friend put some drums to it and I really love how it's come together but I'm not sure if that's just because it finally sounds full.

I'd love to hear if anyone else thinks this is as worth it's salt as I'm imagining haha. Or maybe not? I'm a grownup, I can take honest criticism.

Thanks a bunch!

- Kev

This is pretty awesome, man. Very well composed - love it!
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Thanks a bunch for the kind words!

I recorded it using an SM57 pointed at a valvestate marshall (which sucks) and then recorded new guitars over that track with software amp simulators like guitar rig, amplitube, etc just to get a clean, layered sound. Say what you will about amp simulators but they work wonders on beefing up a flat, lifeless sounding track if done right Some of the ambient noises you can hear in the introduction were a huge reverse delay in guitar rig with a completely wet effect so the original signal was pretty much taken out of the equation leaving only the effect.

The drums were recorded using god-knows-which electric kit with a midi controller er...controlling Native Instruments abbey road modern drums, which are great for this style of music.

Glad you liked it
The guitar sounds SO relaxing,
Have you ever considered writing Post-Rock? Bands like Caspian and Mogwai, Listen to them.
I really dig this!
I love mogwai and a bunch of other post rock stuff but I like the idea of taking some of the psychedelic elements of that genre and using them rather than shooting for that sound altogether. I like having a blend things I like about music represent the outcome of what I put into it. Hopefully with a bit of practice that'll start shining through with each thing I record
Hmmm I would of used a little reverb on the guitars at the beginning, they still sound flat and plain to me. I can't say I'm that much of a fan of the drums, the snare just kind of doesn't seem to fit and they don't get heavy enough, I'd try Superior Drummer, they have that extra end that just makes the big sections stand out. I like the lead distorted guitar, the rhythm not so much, could use more of a bottom end. I like the guitar after the loud section, but then the distorted section comes in quieter, so I'd take down the clean guitar. The lead guitar is super nice, great job with that. It's all well written I'm just helping you sound extra amazing. Good job, C4C by chance?

Thanks for the advice, I agree some of the production is still touchy. I'll give the whole thing a bit of a makeover in time. It's worth mentioning that there's a really dubiously recorded bass guitar in the mix there which probably accounts for some of the poor amount of bottom end in your ears. As for the drums, I hear superior drummer all over every demo I hear lately and we decided to give something a little different a try the native instruments kits are quite customizable so I'll have another look and see if they can be mixed a little 'bigger' sounding.

You've given me something extra to shoot for though! thanks a lot for the critique. I'll take a look at your band and give you my two cents.

Clean intro is very nice. I can hear fingers sliding down the strings a little too loud a some points, not a big deal though. I actually kinda like to hear that a bit. Sounds good when the distortion guitars kick in, good for a change of feel. The drums sounded ok, but maybe slightly... distant or echo-y or something if you know what I mean. It generally has a very nice feel to it though. What's the deal with that random short lead part at 3:55? I thought it was gonna do a full solo or something but it just stopped after one really short lick.
Anyway, overall it's good, nice work!