A harbinger for the mourners,
windborne and elicit;
tomorrow’s wraith has made me dormant
just like my thoughts: I am not going to sleep.

Arduous and unseen, the tears of the once was,
from the eyes that once saw
the intervening words of fire
that merged plain and sky.
I was there.

Don’t ask for me -
I’m at the side of a road, between
here and there - movements in my brain
and vicarious atonement
(but to each their own.)

The burial of mind's eye
and the refinement of all the above.
With a shout. With a cry:
Too many large words and unnecessary wordings. It makes it look like you're trying too hard
Not exactly a frequent poster.
this is great....tunamelt needs to go learn a few new words it seems...this is easy to follow and a good read...

I haz gotten gud