Thanks!! I just turned seventeen a couple weeks ago. And I'd love to be in a band. I play bass for jazz band in school, but that's not the same. Haha
Doing that kind of thing, jazz bands etc. is great experience. You'll be surprised in the future as to how much you've learnt from these experiences.

I noticed you use guitar rig for your bass stuff. Is it the the same for guitar? If so, how do you record the audio, and then how do you sync the video with the audio?
Yeah, I agree completely; jazz band has and will continue to benefit me with experience, different ways of thinking, and so on.

And yes, I use guitar rig for all of my stuff. I record the video with the webcam that's built into my laptop and record the audio with garageband. Then I sync the audio and video in iMovie.
Thanks for that info!

I've subbed you on Youtube, and i'm looking forward to more uploads!

Also, without wanting to sound spammy, check out my songs if you have a moment. We have very similar influences, so you may like them

Take it easy my friend!

Edit: forgot the link:

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Thanks a bunch for the sub! I'm trying to check out your songs, but for some reason they won't play for me.