What is the best way you've found to play both acoustic and electric guitar (rock) on the same guitar? I'm talking an easy way to very quickly switch between a great acoustic guitar sound and then go into a straight out great over driven rock electric sound? Put a pick up in the sound hole of a low action acoustic guitar? Some kind of pedal that simulates an acoustic guitar while on your electric?
My gf suggest me to go with this ..... Looks fine. But I'm not sure it's qualified enough.
I'm asking about the best possible sounding combo of the two, with only one guitar of course.

Thanks very much for any good suggestions.

you could get an electric guitar, and a boss ac-3, or an electric guitar, and add a ghost piezo system. or a epiphone ultra3.

the way i do it, is

guitar - boss ac-3 - fishman aura pedal - 10 band eq.

if that helps.

you could get away with just the ac-3 though.
acoustic-electrics are acoustics with a built in pickup or microphone. they only make acoustic sounds properly for the most part.

the best bet I can think of would be to go with an electric with a peizo bridge installed. its the same sort of pickup found on most acoustics. fishman makes a really good one that is rather affordable. this gives you a real electric guitar and a very close approximation of an acoustic guitar
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