I am putting to gether my own 52 LP trapeze tailpeice. I have a import 335 one to use for the back end, a es-295 arm, but can't find the actual bridge bar. I have also found a set of feet. I was thinking about just getting some bar stock and drilling it, but I am wondering about bending it to get the radius curve. I know of a luthier that is supposed to be making these, intonated, and set up for top-wrap(as originally intended)and compensated. but they are 300 bucks. I just found a whole, complete original one on evilbay for 500. any ideas, or anybody know a source for these? doesn't have to be factory.
It's going on this.
This setup sounds KILLER, and works perfect- took a LOT of sanding/fitting to get the bridge down to the proper level,and match the curve of the top, but I would like to try the original type setup on it. Don't want to blow that much cash on it. the arms cost me 15 bucks, the 335 trapeze 11. If somebody can do this, let me know. to me, the hard part would be getting the bend right. doesn't even have to be chrome.-THANKS< CNILE
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