Poll: you think can you take your old man in a fight?
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View poll results: you think can you take your old man in a fight?
I'd crush that old man. it wouldn't even be a fight
42 17%
You kidding? he'd shatter my girly wrists with his man fists
96 38%
not sure..it would be a close fight
57 23%
My dad's a pussy, I already kicked his ass
9 4%
we already did and he beat my ass like a child
5 2%
I'm a lover, not a fighter
44 17%
Voters: 253.
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**** no.

He would probably rip my arms out of their sockets and club me to death with them.

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It'd be a good fight. But I think I'd just walk out the door before I ever wound up in a fist fight with the old man. That's not how I roll.
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Hell No.
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It'd be close. I've got a slight size advantage on him, but he's still a little stronger than me and is probably a hell of a lot tougher than I think.
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I would never even consider fighting him, but hell, I'd be able to end it pretty quick.

I would never want to fight my dad but even if I tried and he tried no way. He used to be in the army and I'm weak and pathetic. He would win. Straight away.
Whichever way it eventually swung, it'd be close.
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father attacked me once. i broke his arm and bruised a few ribs. he's also like 100 pounds more than me, and like half a foot bigger.
It'd be close. He's explosive, has more experience and has a low center of gravity, but I'm a little stronger, have better reach and much more spry. Even if I didn't win the battle, i'd win the war. He hurt his back picking up cat litter the other day
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My dad is a factory worker, so hell no.
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my dad has an infected ankle, diabetes, and is 65 years old. sure i could kick his ass, but that would be like knocking over a guy in a wheelchair. you just don't do it, not to mention he is my dad.
My dad always said that it's a psychological thing. You'll never be able to beat up your dad.

So no. I love my dad too much, BUT if I some how had lost my emotional attachment I don't think he'd stand a chance. Or, he'd sit on me.
My dad is 52 but I think he can bench press over 300 pounds. I'm the same size as him but can bench about 100 on a good day

He would destroy me.

Plus I like my dad so I wouldn't want to fight him.

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Probably not. I wouldn't try to fight him anyway. It's not like we've got a tenuous relationship or anything, plus I'm not the fighting type.
Hell no, he has anger issues too so it'd be even scarier if it happened. I can't even kick his ass in a debate because he's too aggressive
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hell no, my dad's 6'4" and has 100 lbs. on me
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No. Physically, maybe. I'm taller and weigh more than him, and he's almost 50. However, if it came to that, I would hesitate, because he's my dad. He would not.

EDIT: That's not to say my dad's an asshole, because he's pretty cool. But in a fight, I'd hesitate and he'd seize the opportunity and end it pretty quick.
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physically, I have every advantage over him. taller, stronger, quicker, faster. he has more fighting experience because he grew up as one of a few white kids in the ghetto in the 60's and early 70's, but I have also been in fights. he also just had cancer surgery a year ago and is still recovering. so maybe 2 years ago he would stand a chance, but in his current state I doubt he would land a punch.
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My dad works with heavy machinery and tools all day long and is pretty strong because of it, while I sit on my computer and lurk threads all day long. I would be destroyed.
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My dad works with heavy machinery and tools all day long and is pretty strong because of it, while I sit on my computer and lurk threads all day long. I would be destroyed.

Yeah, but once he beats the shit out of you, you can change the password on his computer to something horrifyingly simple, that he'll never figure it out, all whilst you sit back and laugh at his misfortune.

Then he'll beat the shit out of you again, but at least you got a cheap laugh out of it.
Nope. My dad just hit 50, but even though he's only about two inches taller than me, he's probably got about 50 lbs more muscle. I think he got like 2nd or 3rd in state in wrestling when he was in high school, and he did it some in college. Plus the man gets scary when he's angry, which has been less and less often as he's gotten older.

My dad and I are good friends, it'd never happen. Even if he hit me first, I'd just walk away, and things would never be the same.
He'd **** me up.
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I would kick his ass, he's got bad hips and a bad back and all
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My dad only has one arm and I've got like a 40 pound weight advantage and we're the same height so ya I could but why would I do that?
Myself and my dad train in the same martial art, (Zen Do Kai) and we've both got our First Degree black belts.......it would be pretty close
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