I have a gorgeous Jackson SLSMG that I got as part of a trade. It's the rare and elusive trans black model that they made 100 of in black and 100 of in trans red. It's a neck through, string through guitar with Dimarzio D-activators, but I also have the original EMG HZ-3's in excellent condition. This guitar is in AMAZING condition and you'd have a hard time finding a scratch on it. For a black guitar, there aren't even any swirls. Very beautiful, but I have a similar beast that needs to come home. My old 90-91 Charvel 650XL that a buddy bought from me and is selling back to me.

The normal model in flat black or whatever color that is, sells for around $500-600. Being as this is a desirable model in Mint- condition, I'm thinking $800 Paypalled and Shipped.

Although I am new to UG, I have been around HC, TGP and MLP for quite some time and have many many deals and references there.

Here's a link to the photobucket. These were quick and dirty images, so I apologize for them in advance.
I would consider trades too...Ibanez 20th RG550 Re-issue, Ibanez RG770, Jem's, Charvel 650's (haha) and possibly other guitars.
Quote by shooterkc
I would consider trades too...Ibanez 20th RG550 Re-issue, Ibanez RG770, Jem's, Charvel 650's (haha) and possibly other guitars.

Would you consider a trade for a Mint Schecter Loomis hardtail?
Damn that guitar is gorgeous
Damn, I want a SLSMG, but the colours are boring <_<

good luck selling it bro
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Darth I'm not really into Schecter though I'm sure they're nice. I started playing guitar in the late 80's so the guitars I mentioned are the one's I'm really looking for. Thanks for your offer though.

Shred I think the trans red and black are pretty, but I've never been into either color myself. I do have a red 62ri candy apple tele though. Thanks for the bump!
Nim thanks for the offer, I am Not a fan of the ibby AANJ guitars though. I do appreciate you asking though!
Sorry man! I'm just holding out for something i have to have or cash! Unfortunately, there aren't too many guitars i HAVE to have.
Yeah I feel ya. I'm working on a very limited market here with my guitar since NOWHERE has it in stock haha and I damn sure don't plan on throwing it on ebay (last one I saw was still in bidding for over 1000 though :p)

I wish we could've worked it out because I love this guitar, but best of luck to you!
Listed on Sevenstring.org and they banned me...must be one radical guitar. What a Fing joke that forum is bump!
They probably banned you because you didn't follow the rules to the tee. Very strict on that forum, but the most amazing moderators you could have.

Any interest in a 2000 MIJ Ibanez RG7420 Magenta Crush, all stock, absolutely mint; No dings, scratches, or anything.
I won't be going back. A simple email saying hey you F'd up, check out the format would have been fine. I'm a strong memeber on HC, TGP, MLP and JacksonCharvel Forums and they treated me like a Fing jerk. They can keep their shitty little forum and shove it as far as I'm concerned.

Sorry man, I don't play 7-strings though those are sweet axe's!
ay I appreciate the offer. I'm not much of an offset or pointy guitar guy. Would kill for a few different Carvins, but I have to pass. Thank You
When's yours end? I'll hold off until at least Sunday as I'm headed out of town tomorrow until Sunday
Mine doesn't end for another 6 days, and might take another 1 to get all the payments sorted since I'm doing it worldwide shipping n' shit. But I just found this guy selling an ESP LTD H-1000 (yes, 1000 not the 1001) and I might get that afterwards if the price is right.

I'll definitely keep in touch with you though but honestly I'd say throw it up on there NOBODY is offering one like yours.
Yeah guitars on ebay are going for SO cheap or just not at all. I'm worried I won't even meet the $700 reserve, which is the lowest I'll take a regular white w/blk pinstripes alexi just sold for 700!!! Mine BETTER hit it!

Your guitar compared to the others should do fine actually people on there sellin them on average for 550. if you put your buy it now at 800 and start bidding at like 3 or 4, you'll for sure get a price you want
I'll drop her once to $750 shipped and then I decided to keep her. I've been told now 1 of 100 and I have a job so I'm not desperate to sell her. Last bump for this one. Have a Charvel Model 5FX that isn't getting any love that I may throw up.