Any thoughts on this?

Appears to be nice, plus the finish is gorgeous...

Anyone know anything about it??
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That's actually really cool looking. If it's anything like other Agiles, it's probably pretty nice for the money, but I have no first hand experience with it. I'll keep my eye on this thread though.
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If it's a neck through I see no reason why they decided to keep the awful bulky heel that restricts access to the upper frets.
I have a septor elite and it's a great guitar, might not be as 'high quality' as other brands, but in terms of playability, it's the best I've ever played from the box
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If it's a neck through I see no reason why they decided to keep the awful bulky heel that restricts access to the upper frets.

Yeah that was my first thought when I saw that a while back.
"That thing would be perfect if they got rid of the damn heel."
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I own an Agile Septor Elite 828 and I love it, Agile makes great guitars at reasonable prices. Looks like a nice guitar, that heel is a bit obnoxious though... I can definitely vouch for Agile's quality though
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That doesn't look like neck through to me, at all. Probably a typo on the site. Pretty sure it's set neck.

Don't believe everything a site says - "typos" are quite common.
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That model retains the regular les paul shape while still being neck-thru, heel and all.

This model however features a more accessible neck cutaway and is also neck thru. Think more of a Schecter solo 6 type heel
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