This initial post is regarding our debut EP "Pandemonium's Rise" released back in 2011. Scroll down a bit to check out our new one called "The Edge of Existence" released on February 11, 2014, and which is streaming in it's entirity on YouTube!

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PARANORM is a swedish thrash metal band with progressive elements, inspired mainly by the Bay Area and European scenes along with the NWOBHM movement, but also incorporating many other different elements to expand upon the new wave of thrash metal while finding their own niche within the genre.

On October 15th they released their debut EP entitled PANDEMONIUM'S RISE!
It's available for streaming, free download and mp3 purchase on various locations on the Internet! For example on the official PARANORM Facebook page (http://www.facebook.com/paranormband), the official YouTube-channel (http://www.youtube.com/paranormband) or on Spotify (http://open.spotify.com/artist/5Isp1WwQoHHBkFro5j5Ls4)!

Physical copies are being printed in true D.I.Y. spirit and just a few days ago the very first copy was printed (check out the Facebook page for a photo of that creation)!
If you're interested in purchasing a physical copy, simply send a message or drop an e-mail at paranorm.band@gmail.com!
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Pandemonium's Rise contains 6 tracks and is clocked at nearly 30 minutes:
1: Aggressive Inhibitions 3:37
2: Predators of Peace 3:44
3: Shattered Future Tense 6:45
4: Strike Hard, Strike Fast 2:47
5: The Indoctrinated 5:50
6: Atmospheres 6:17
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Check it out now and make sure to get a taste of the wide diversity found on PANDEMONIUM'S RISE by listening to more than just one track!
All possible support in the sense of comments, feedback or Facebook likes would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks for your time!
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Well... I have to say I enjoyed that! This is right up my alley, and a lot of it reminds me of Slayer's first album only with more tonal variety and better equipment. If you guys are at that point now, I think there is definitely potential.

One con I have, and this is just my opinion, is that the song sounds a bit too repetitive and that shredding part throughout could be a bit more dynamic. But hey, if you guys are just starting out I would say you're doing pretty good.

Keep it up!
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Thanks for the heads ups, guys!
It was really hard for us to pick just one song for a promo as the EP as a whole is pretty diverse (ranging from fast technical riffs, melodic stuff, straight-forward and odd time signatures, heavy parts and so forth), so yesterday we released another promo (although I must say this one is also quite melodic, (yet heavy)).
It's a 6:45-long track called SHATTERED FUTURE TENSE, where we experiment further, for example by throwing a longer instrumental acoustic guitar part in there!
Check it out here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=698lMVLtPy4

You'll get your piece of all the above mentioned factors on Saturday when the EP is released!

@JimDawson: What do you think about the solos in this song? Being the lead guitarist I'd be very interested to hear some further feedback!


// Fredrik, Paranorm
I listened to the whole song a few times, and personally the acoustic parts don't really work for me. It's not that it's acoustic, don't get me wrong, but I just feel that it detracts from the overall impact of the song. I would personally go more towards a song that was all acoustic or just started or ended with acoustic guitars. Now this is just my personal preference, but I think some kind of slower, melodic part played with some distortion between verses would fit better; you can get a similar mood to the clean parts with the kind of heavy tone you guys use. and I think it would give it a more epic feel. It's also cool to see someone have such a variety in feel without having to change their tone. The sound of guitar harmonies comes to mind as kind of what I am trying to describe, but not really and wow I hope that I'm not too baked to explain this well. As long as it is thrashy and not nu-metaly, it should work for you guys' style.

One example from a band most people know about: Black Fire Upon Us by Dethklok.

The style that they do their mellow parts with in this song is something I think would sound great with you guys because it carries the whole piece more IMO. It also leaves room for crazy techniques- like harmonics for example- to make it mellow, but still more technical if that is the way you felt sounded better.

As for the solo starting at 3:35, it sounds great, and in all honesty I think you need to beat off to it more just to emphasize how awesome you guys are to the people listening! That is actually serious criticism. It needs more length and a bit more repetition on the beginning I think. It just transitions too fast to the resolution, needs a bit more virtuosic hangtime. I think a few more variations of the first two bars of the solo would have been a better display of badass; maybe different modes and probably a higher key to name a few possibilities. In other words, you know what you're doing; just develop your thing more like you're doing!

Also, while I didn't have a problem with the 'resolution' at the end of the the solo, I couldn't help but notice that it was pretty much the length of the solo before it. Relative to the solo, it was too long and developed for my tastes; I think it's more what you would hear at the end of an entire song. In my opinion, the solo just wasn't big enough for the resolution to have its full impact.

With that all said, as it stands, Atmospheres is a pretty good song. Not many people can put together and play something like that. I wouldn't tell you guys how to experiment with new things, but whatever you do make sure that it stays true to Thrash Metal.

Personally, I would be interested in seeing some kind of intense acoustic speed metal type stuff. It would be amazing to hear some kind of really intense acoustic song; one guitar acoustic and the other electric. That's not really relevant to anything though, just something I thought of now.

I love talking about music, and if you ever want an opinion from a metalhead in the future I'll be more than happy to give you one!

*EDIT* HA! Wow, I just listened to Shattered Future Tense. Excellent job! I like it more than Atmospheres, personally. You guys know what you're doing, and I would buy this EP.
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Whoa! Thanks for the input! It's really appreciated that you actually take your time and give us some serious in-depth feedback!

I totally get what you mean with the acoustic parts in Atmospheres; I'm aware of the fact that the transitions into them, and out of them, can seem a bit too sudden to some people... and we did have that in mind while writing, but we decided to go on with this approach either way as it felt like the right thing to do. ^^
This whole EP has been quite an experimental experience as we've been trying to mix a variety of influences in order to find our own niche within the genre. So Pandemonium's Rise has got quite a width and diversity to it between songs as a result of that. Ranging from heavy yet melodic tracks with acoustic parts to mid-tempo stuff to all out thrashy up-tempo tracks!

And by the way that's some quality advice you've got there concerning soloing. Thanks a lot! I haven't exactly been doing this for very long so it's all greatly appreciated. I'll keep your tips in mind for future composing for sure!
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Swedish progressive thrash metal band PARANORM have followed up their debut EP “Pandemonium’s Rise” by releasing a four-song EP titled “The Edge of Existence” on February 11. The EP is available in it's entirety on the band's official YouTube channel at http://youtu.be/uHSleYX9a38.

Fans of bands such as KREATOR, later era DEATH, CORONER and VEKTOR are sure to find PARANORM appealing.

The complete track list follows below:
1. Into the Unknown (05:38)
2. Second Assault (04:10)
3. Sunstorm (07:52)
4. Desolate Worlds (07:45)

PARANORM is a thrash metal band based in Uppsala, Sweden. They have played together since 2008, released a demo (Demo 2010) and an EP (Pandemonium's Rise, 2011) independently, and played numerous shows around Sweden. They aim to create a melodic and progressive form of thrash metal, while still retaining the power and aggression that is the foundation of the genre. Instead of repeating what bands did 25 years ago, they seek to build upon that formula, creating something new and refreshing. For more information, please visit http://www.paranormband.com/.