I'm planning to make my first guitar-related purchase that isn't a guitar. I'm buying new pickups for my Jackson Dinky, the stock pickups are kinda weak. I'm on a budget so I'm looking on eBay. I hear Seymour Duncan and EMG pickups are very good, is there any other specs I should keep an eye out for?
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What amp are you using? No point in changing pickups if you have a crap amp. Get a good amp, then change the pickups if you still want a slight change in tone.
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avoid emg hz and select pickups

other than that, koshman's advice is pretty sound
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If you want to get some good pickups for a little less than SY, try Dean Markelys. But again like people have asked, what amp are you using? EX) Line 6 Spider III = no variation in tone, if you want something very similar but better for the same price, go Peavey Vypyrs.