There's never replies in the Recordings forum, I imagine you lot will still know what you're talking about

I quite fancy sticking this on my list for Santa, ahah.

Has anybody have any experience with one? I read a review in this months Guitarist magazine that praised it a fair bit.
From the video reviews i've seen it's quite clear with vocals and acoustic guitar, but would it be able to handle recording distorted metal riffs? I'm just after something that's simple and easy to use but of good quality just to put songs together in my room, not looking for studio quality recordings, but listenable. Just so when inspiration strikes I can get it down, layer some other parts and take the song to band practice to work on.

Any other suggestions or would this do the trick?

Retails for £89 - £100
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Quote by coolstoryangus
Probably just be better buying an sm57 with a stand...

Can you get an SM57 with a USB attatchment?
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