As I see, this guitar has everything that ESP signature guitars have and even more. It has EMG 81(b) & 85(n) pickup, and while an ESP kh-2 costs 2500$+ , this one costs only 1000. Also, EMG 81-60 combination has lots of noise and bad bass sound. I guess it is one of the best guitars I can buy, cheap, but awesome and has quality of ESP's most expensive guitars. This is what I think, what you guys think?
i think that the KH is so expensive because its a signature series guitar. And you could get an LTD M-1000 which is the same guitar essentially, for $850. If you don't mind a mahogany body, you can get the MH-1000 for $800. I don't have a lot of experience with Dean, but i do own an LTD Deluxe series guitar and it's absolutely perfect. I can't see how Dean could top it.