I know this isn't www.ultimatemarchingband.com but our band has been marching to the same music for years.

We enter a lot of competitions and I honestly think it's the music we play that doesn't get us anywhere.

I'm looking to find sheet music for flutes, trumpets, alto, tenor, barri saxophones, trombone, and snare drum, bass drum, and quads.

Free would be much appreciated, or maybe recommend me some books I could buy.
What exactly do you want...?

But, anyway, I wrote a song just for you


I seriously don't understand what you want
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Something catchy. It'd be awesome to march to something like Pink Panther, don't know if it'd be possible with it's time signature though. Nothing too difficult.

Our trumpets and flutes are really good, but are saxophones are kinda off.

I like your song btw. :p


I'm looking for stuff like this.
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