I've been screaming for nearly a year now, and i've watched numerous tutorials on how to scream. I'm pretty sure i'm using the right technique by tensing my diaphragm and it doesn't hurt to scream or anything. But after about half an hour of straight screaming I begin to go hoarse so I have to stop.
I drink glasses of warm water, (that's meant to be the best thing to drink while screaming).
Any tips on how not to go hoarse?
Screaming Thread

Ill add my 2cents though, I hardly ever go hoarse. I believe its cause I can tell how much volume to use, and when and when not to push for a more aggressive scream. And believe it or not, it usually takes years to get a correct feel for your own technique to use. I've watched countless videos and none of them ever did it for me. I've been fooling around with screaming for about 4 years and in that time i've developed my own technique that works great on my voice.
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Cheers, normally when i'm practicing i'll put as much into it as possible to see how to get the best results, maybe I shouldn't push myself as hard?