Alright, I'm back with another broken amp. A friend asked me to fix it, but I've never worked on a combo amp like this before. The cab connects straight to the head via pins. (Don't know what their called) but they're the regular red and black, positive and negative (assuming) from the cab. My problem is, where do I connect them? Here's a few pics of where it looks like they should connect.

And apparently there's something else wrong with it as well. Not sure what it actually is though since I haven't been able to turn it on, and my buddy had it long enough where he forgot.

I've been connecting the red wire from the cab to the mass of other red wires in the last picture, and by pins I mean the silver prongs in the pictures. They're all on the right of the last picture.
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I know it's a long shot but any help at all would really be great. I've looked at schematics but nothing seems to tell me where the wires actually connect... and it looks like there's empty spaces on the board where some saps and resistors should be, could that be a problem?
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those look like speaker or reverb tank plugs/connectors
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I can't figure out how to make these schematics show up right, but they're on the second post of this page.

And are they really? At least one of them must be for the cab though, right? (Sorry, still learning a lot about amps)
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J21 and whatever lead comes off R54. You will have to inspect the current tracks and confirm with an ohm check.

This is assuming you need to know where to hook the speaker?
Alright, J21 is pretty self explanatory, but R54 looks to be a big blue resistor. The only wires coming off the cab look to be the kind that have to plug onto the connections like J21. I have no idea if this helps at all, but I tried a few and with the red wire off the cab connected to the same group of them and the black one to J12, I get a hum that dies down a bit after a second or two, regardless of wether the amp is on or not.

And thanks a TON for helping. I really appreciate it.
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If you have a volt meter you can try to find the connection.

I understand what it has to hook up too, however I am not sure what you are talking about for the other wire. I wouldn't hook things up to it randomly- it can cause a lot more harm to it.
You live in 220V land?

Looking at the diagram make a list of all open J connections and start crossing off all that appear in the bottom right in the transformer area. Don't hook your speaker wire up to any of them!

That kind of narrows the terminals left.

Mmm what is the red connector on the red wiring? That may be the other end.
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I currently don't have a volt meter, but my step dad might have an ohms meter if it's the same thing. (like i said, really new to amps)

So I had the red wire from the speaker cab right? Connecting that to the cluster of red ones in the last picture?

No idea what the 220v comment means, sorry.

As for the connections near the transformer, I think I already connected to both the open ones. J12 was the one in the bottom left out of the 2x3 of the connectors. That was the weird humming I got.
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The 220v question was asking where in the world you lived.

So what was the issue before he pulled it apart?

It seems the wiring for the speaker may be the connector for the cluster of red wires and J21.
Oh haha. I'm in Uconn.

I'm not sure. From the looks of? things it probably wouldn't turn on.

Well, guess I or the other kid blew something, because it doesn't turn on...
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Where is Uconn? What power is out of the outlets?

Did you check the 2.5A fuse?

You are SOL without a meter for diagnosing.
Connecticut, storrs. I couldn't tell you if my life depended on it. I'll try and find out though.

I never thought to but I'll check tomorrow when I get home.

Alright I'll pick one up then.
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Be careful with live voltage. You can really hurt or kill yourself. If this was a tube amp you see upwards of 500V.

Even SS amp can be lethal.

If you don't know what you are doing don't mess with it.