Im using a,
Squire Vintage Modified Telecaster Custom,

http://www.dv247.com/guitars/squier-vintage-modified-telecaster-custom-electric-guitar-black-maple-neck--34777%29">LINK TO GUITAR

Im running my Squier Tele through a Line 6 Spider IV (75 Watt's), im using the Metal red LED channel going through a Behringer Noise Limiter, my volumes around 2 O'clock and still seems to squeel with feedback unless I have my hands covering the strings which obviously is impossible all the time.

Even with the pedal on max it makes my tone sound absaloute shitee and still squeels a tadge,

this guitar has two high-output humbuckers. My other guitars are all single coil iBanez's, and this is the only guitar I have a problem with.

Any idea's?

bad grounding?

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Quote by prevenge178
bad grounding?

Any idea's on what I can do?

I don't get this problem with any Single Coil pickups like my iBanez Darknight or BC Rich,
I have the same with my ESP LTD EC-1000 and I play on a Line 6 Spider IV (terrible amp I know...). I play mostly on Metal red LED channel with the gain all the way up and the amount of feedback is just insane but I don't have any when I plug my Gibson SG in it, weird.