Hi guys, now i'm going to start off by saying noo i am not a beginner i have been playings for at least 3 years. But i have been playing rythym i wasn't a "Solo/Lead Fanatic", however over the last couple of months i have been getting into lead guitar more now we are only a three man band.

If there is one problem i have especially playing lead it is string bending, i always seem to pull off other strings when i bend higher past the strings own level. For Example, I was playing Metallica one solo the first part, and on the first bend you know like five bars in you have to bend really high? That is what i have a problem with, i start to bend the string and as i am pushing the string upwards my finger will touch another string but that isnt the problem the problem is when i bend back down it will twang the string above/below. It's annoying how this happens because ussually on a solo going well an open string twang sounds horrible. Can anyone help or give me some advice? Cheers Guys

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Bend a little slower. Just don't pull your finger with light speed. And, after you bend back, be sure to block the other strings with your finger tips-finger nails
its almost always a good idea to bend using more than just the finger on that string. i find myself using 3 fingers for all of my full bends. Also, be sure to use your wrist as the fulcrum point to give you the power to bend and keeping the string tight to the neck. lastly, be sure your finger nails are trimmed enough so that is not what is hitting the lower string and making it twang out. you can check out youtube for lessons. I learned bending from a joe satriani video where he goes very in depth on how to properly bend, and I can't think of anyone on earth who i would trust more with that kind of lesson
Your finger strength might be a little weak just sit in from of the tv and practice for hours
Learning proper muting will solve your problem.
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