Is Marshall Valvestate 2000 avt 20 a good amp? I have an Ibanez rg 270, since it's pickups suck, i wanna improve my gear. I'll buy a Zoom g2.1 nu. What you think about these?

Also, not connected with topic but, can you suggest me a good H-S-h pickup combination ? seymour and dimarzio can be good.
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There is probably a reason you don't have any suggestions in your thread. You have like 3 questions in here and you say that the 3rd question is not related but it is. You are not happy with your tone and you need help right?

USUALLY - my opinion revolves around the amp because face it....we play electric guitar and electric guitars need to be amplified.

Try this:


Generally speaking I will say upgrading pickups and using a subpar is not the answer. Not saying the Valvestate is subpar. I've never played one and honestly do not know much about them.

Yes, Seymour Duncan and Dimarzio make pretty good pickups for the money spent.

Focus on the amp first. Dividing up your budge to buy an amp, pickups and a Multi FX pedal does not make sense to me.

I've heard some good things about the Zoom pedals but again, unless you need all kinds of effects, I wouldn't bother with something like that right now unless you've got the extra cash.

BTW - Welcome to UG!